Ajeer Agreement

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The AJEER agreement, also known as the Ajeer program, is a new initiative by the government of Saudi Arabia to improve the country`s job market by facilitating the hiring of foreign workers. The program is unique in that it is designed to attract foreign workers to the kingdom, as opposed to the traditional approach of relying on local workers.

Under the AJEER agreement, foreign workers can apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia through a regulated platform, and employers can hire foreign workers without having to go through traditional recruitment channels. This means that employers can save time and money on recruitment processes, and foreign workers can have a more streamlined process for finding work in the kingdom.

One of the benefits of the AJEER agreement is that it provides a more efficient process for obtaining work visas. Foreign workers applying for jobs through the program will have access to an online portal where they can apply for a visa and upload the necessary documentation. This process is designed to be much faster than the traditional visa application process, which can often take months.

Another benefit of the AJEER program is that it provides more protection for foreign workers. Employers are required to provide health insurance for their foreign workers, as well as cover the costs of their transportation to and from the kingdom. The program also provides a dispute resolution mechanism for any disputes between employers and their foreign workers.

The AJEER program is just one of the many initiatives being undertaken by the Saudi government to improve the country`s job market and attract more foreign workers to the kingdom. Other initiatives include the introduction of new industries and the expansion of existing ones, as well as the development of new infrastructure and technology.

Overall, the AJEER agreement is a positive step in the right direction for Saudi Arabia`s job market. By removing some of the barriers to hiring foreign workers, the program is likely to attract more skilled workers to the kingdom, which will help drive economic growth and development in the coming years.